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drama that i watch - walking on clouds...
drama that i watch
This drama season has started. I've just watched 3 dramas so far: Control (Yoko, Fujiki) , Fuyu no Sakura (Kusanagi, Imai), Gou (taiga of Juri, Asami)

- Yoko is stiff in this role. REALLY STIFF. But that's not very bad though. His stiffness is rather cute (or at least in my eyes :D ) and it makes his character somehow so adorable that my heart kyah quietly everytimes he appears ( such a fangirl :D ). After 2 eps, Yoko and his role have nothing impressive but a bubble cute aura. Since I'm tired of creepy evil roles he had acted for last two years, i love this.

However this drama is so boring~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ so boring. Such a sloppy script. Oh, please...this is a detective drama, i dont demande the crimes have to be so complicated but at least interesting enough. Just from the beginning i can guess everything after. More disappointedly, all psyco analyses of Prof Nagumo until now are far from what we expect from a genius expert but just a kid thing.

Matsushita Nao's acting is not annoying (even her character is) but wooden. Not a walking vase but A lanky tall woman.

I'm disappointed with this drama. Unfortunately.

I'm not fond of taiga. The traditional extravagant acting in taiga somehow tire me out. It still does in Gou. But its 2 eps were really good. Wonderful acting from both veteran and young actors. Very solid script. Beautiful scenes. I think i'll continue this taiga.

Fuyu no Sakura:
As expected from a romance + human drama of Kusanagi, it takes tears even from the very first. Kusanagi is unbeatable in this kind of role. Awesome performance. His eyes, his smile are so perfect.
Imai-san is not less. Their chemistry is wonderfully beautiful as Ueto and Takenouchi in Nagareboshi last season.

Somehow i have a little fear that this may turn into a mawkish Korean style drama with the cancer motif. I hope not.

Takeru, I heard that he's one of front men of Amuse, along with Miura but so far, he doesnt leave any impression in me. Let"s wait.

AND CAN THEY PLEASE KICK THAT ANNOYING ACTRESS KOTA ROSA OUT OF THE DRAMA? PLEASE. Her acting ruins my mood. It annoys me like hell. Almost every her roles (except in Change) are unbearable to me.

my friends, what do u watch this season? which one u like?


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himaori From: himaori Date: January 25th, 2011 08:40 am (UTC) (Link)
That girl Kota Rosa has an annoying voice and never improved her acting at all.

I find the love story of Gou's parents very touching.

I haven't found any interest in Fuyu no sakura so far. I'm allergic to sad dramas at this moment. \

I'm going to try Miura's drama to see how boring the drama is. Lmao~~~~
hhnd_2002 From: hhnd_2002 Date: January 26th, 2011 01:19 am (UTC) (Link)
Bạn thích Gou T_____T Chắc là sẽ ráng lết hết drama này, tiếc quá, chỉ có mỗi tuần một lần T__T Đúng là diễn nhiều lúc kịch thật, nhưng nội dung thì hay ghê, phim Nhật làm rất súc tích, không dài dòng như phim TQ. Trước đây nghĩ rằng phim lịch sử khó ai có thể làm qua TQ, nhưng bây giờ đã nghĩ lạ, không cần phải thật hoành tráng nhiều nhân vật mới hay được.

Fuyu no sakura rùa xem vài tập nữa xem có khả quan ko rồi nói bạn biết với nha, tại bạn xem phim hiếm khi drop lắm, nên đã xem rồi thì phải xem hết mà lỡ nó u não thì... o.o
hhnd_2002 From: hhnd_2002 Date: January 29th, 2011 06:09 am (UTC) (Link)
Hic, chuyện ko liên quan T____T
Chắc bạn cũng đọc rồi

Câu 10 Ryo trả lời là muốn collaborate với đại hiệp, lúc đó bạn HH muốn hú hét quá vì hôm nọ chúng ta vừa mới nói tới chuyện đó xD
fortuneteller38 From: fortuneteller38 Date: January 29th, 2011 11:56 am (UTC) (Link)
hí hí, bạn cũng đọc đến đoạn đó là muốn hú hét à :D Cứ như bạn Ryo stalk dc cái mẩu nói chiện của chúng ta ấy :D Mong đợi 1 mùa drama đẹp giời cho hai jai đóng với nhau
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